Self portrait painting

Categorized as artwork

By Elaine

A self taught digital freehand artist


  1. Fine, thanks. The weight’s coming off again, and I’ve got a few things sorted. Still a bit to do, but things are feeling really great!
    I pop into the reader from time to time… just for a nosy! 🤣 Saw your September White Rabbits post which made me smile! 🙂
    Are you doing OK?

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      1. I don’t think I’ll be leaving, I can’t stay away even though I’m on a break! 😄
        Folk tend to come and go, don’t they? Or post intermittently (such as I! 😉) Winter is just around the corner, so that may increase numbers again… mind you, we are international, so maybe that doesn’t quite work! There’s always some change going on with blogging, isn’t there?

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      2. Autumn first, my favourite time of year 🍁🍂 I’ve just put a stew in the slow cooker ever though it’s quite warm today. ( slow cooker is cheaper than using the oven) ✔️ I didn’t really want either candidate for prime minister but I would have preferred him to her 😬. I haven’t seen Chris Halls posts for ages.

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      3. Oh yes! Autumn first! 🙂
        I use my slow cooker quite a lot, very handy and very easy! 👍
        It’s just started thundering here and it’s gone very dark suddenly.
        I don’t mind having a female PM, not that that matters, but I know a few people who aren’t keen on Liz. Hopefully, she’ll be better than Boris, but time will tell. Let’s see what she does with the energy bills tomorrow… she’s certainly taken over in a turbulent time!
        Chris is taking some time away right now also, hopefully she’ll be back soon. 🙂

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