The sleepwalker

When I had almost finished this painting I noticed that she was being watched…… can you see a man in the top right hand corner? Strange eh!

Categorized as artwork

By Elaine

A self taught digital freehand artist


  1. I can see the man, Elaine… and also there’s another woman in a long robe following closely behind her… she’s either creeping towards her, or is facing the other way and looking away from her – that said, the latter could even be a reflection!
    Good one! You know I love spotting things! 😀

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      1. They’ll build up again!
        Me being on a blogging break probably doesn’t help, but I am popping in frequently, and if I see a post from you in the reader, I’ll comment/like/both!
        Just keep on keeping on! 😃


  2. Don’t worry. I have been so absent I’m surprised I had comments on my last post. I think it’s a sign of the times more than anything else.
    And yes, I see both the figures – the man and the one woman Tom found.
    The question is – what are they doing? What do they have to tell or show you ? Hmmmmmm…

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    1. I have missed you so much Raili, I love our deep meaningful conversations. Tom has been a good stand in but he isn’t on here as much either 😔


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